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Shackerley's Queen's Awards for our Cladding Systems

Shackerley has been an innovator in the cladding sector for decades. We were the pioneers of low maintenance, porcelain rainscreen façades and we offer a range of non-combustible cladding materials, including , , and , along with our brickslip cladding system.

A UK cladding manufacturer with in-house cladding design and technical expertise, we have developed industry-leading façade systems that have resulted in two Queen's Awards for Enterprise in the Innovation category.

Our Queen's Awards

The Queen’s Awards programme is a prestigious accolade reserved for products and services that are internationally recognised as best in class.

In 2002 we received a Queen’s Award for ‘Framelight’; our ingenious system for assembling glass block partitions without the need for mortar, which helped to open up the UK DIY market for these beautiful building materials.

Five years later, we successfully achieved a second Queen's Award for the development of our SureClad® rainscreen cladding system, which enables the installation of robust and low maintenance façades.

About our SureClad® Cladding Systems

Our SureClad® Cladding systems offer a lightweight and attractive non combustible façade, suitable for a wide variety of buildings. A high quality rainscreen cladding system that offers flexibility of façade design, high standards of cladding safety and a huge array of colourways and finishes, it is available in a range of fire safe cladding materials, including , , and .

All our SureClad® UK manufactured cladding systems are made to order at our ISO 9001 quality assured factories in Lancashire, with large format cladding panels and bespoke details that are precision engineered by our team. This ensures we always meet the high standards required by the Queen’s Award scheme.

Continuing the Tradition of Cladding Innovation

We are extremely proud to have received two Queen's Awards for Enterprise, but our focus on innovation does not end there. We are continuing to innovate in the cladding sector, with new façade systems, stringent testing of our non combustible cladding panels and the development of an A1 rated cladding safety meshing system.