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Shackerley: A leading UK Cladding Manufacturer

How Our Cladding Company Began

Shackerley (Holdings) Group is an independently-owned, British rainscreen cladding company with a rich industrial heritage that stretches back over half a century. Founded by Lancashire entrepreneur, Brian G Newell, Shackerley began in the ceramics industry with porcelain tiles and we have always been involved in the manufacture, prefabrication and distribution of technical porcelain products that offer flexible design and installation benefits for architects, construction professionals and façade specialists.

SureClad® Ceramic Granite (Porcelain Stone®) Cladding Systems

Today, Shackerley is a major UK manufacturer of non combustible rainscreen cladding systems. With ISO 9001 accredited factories in Lancashire, we are UK’s market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of fire safe cladding systems for building façades. Our SureClad® Ceramic Granite porcelain cladding systems have pioneered the use of large format cladding panels, winning a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for innovation.

Investment in equipment, facilities, software systems and training at our Lancashire cladding factories have enabled us to remain at the forefront of the cladding sector, providing façade design solutions for architects and innovative cladding fixing systems for construction professionals.

We have continued to innovate in the cladding sector and ensure our rainscreen cladding systems meet the needs of specifiers throughout the lifespan of the building. This includes offering large format cladding panels and bespoke cladding details, providing a huge array of cladding materials, colourways and finishes, and adding new cladding systems to our range.

We have been particularly driven to ensure the safety of cladding systems. All our cladding systems are A1 or A2-s1-d0 rated to EN13501-1, ensuring we can offer a non combustible cladding solution for any project. We also offer a safety meshing process and have developed an A1 rated safety meshing system. As a result, our SureClad cladding systems are popular choice across a wide range of façades, including residential, offices, hospitals, schools and local authority buildings.

A Growing Company and Façade Portfolio

We have leveraged the inherent strength and versatility of our SureClad® rainscreen cladding systems to significantly expand our portfolio of cladding materials. We now offer a comprehensive range of non combustible façade systems, including A1 rated SureClad® Ceramic Granite, SureClad® Natural Stone and SureClad® Terracotta, along with our A2-s1-d0 rated SureClad® Surestone Cladding system and our new BrickClad® brick cladding system.

We have also extended the reach of our cladding systems into overseas markets, including various European counties and the USA, where we have a growing portfolio of completed Porcelain Stone® façade projects

We remain committed to providing the very best quality non combustible cladding systems for every sector. Offering superb engineering, cladding design and façade performance, our cladding systems provide the ideal solution when façade safety, quality and buildability matter.

Our market leading range of non combustible cladding systems are provided alongside the technical rainscreen cladding expertise of our team, ensuring you receive the best advice and support during every stage of your cladding project. To speak to one of our team get in touch

Our founder & cladding expert

For over thirty years Shackerley’s founder and chief executive, Brian G Newell, has played an important role in the development of the rainscreen cladding industry. He has been involved with the many different committees that develop and establish new codes of practice and industry standards for the porcelain tile and adhesives industry, at a national level (British Standards) and at a European and International level (EN and ISO Standards).

Mr Newell’s ‘significant contribution’ to the development of standards for the worldwide ceramics industry was recognised in 2014 when he was presented with the BSI’s ‘International Standards Maker’ award. He continues to take an important role in driving innovation in our cladding systems and ensuring we offer cladding materials that offer flexible façade design and the highest standards of non combustible cladding fire safety.