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What is Brickclad® brick cladding?

Designed to create brick façades by combining the aesthetics and tradition of brick with the benefits of a ventilated façade system, BrickClad® is a patented brick cladding system developed by Shackerley for the construction industry.

Designed for ease and speed of installation, the BrickClad® brick cladding system enables specifiers to select a brick façade appearance, colour and texture to meet their design intent and local planning requirements. The mechanically fixed brick façade system is used to create the look of a genuine brick façade thanks to specialist clays extruded to form the BrickClad®️ shape combined with corrosion-resistant BrickClad® cassette rails. The result is a brick façade that is lighter, faster to install, durable, and aesthetically appealing, while also offering cost and environmental benefits.

Why use a mechanically fixed brick cladding system?

Traditional brick construction has stood the test of time and brick façades are part of our architectural heritage. But construction methods and the need for a more sustainable built environment have moved on, creating a need for brick façades that provide the appearance and durability of brick, along with the speed, ease, and consistency of a brick cladding system. Mechanically fixed brick cladding systems also provide the thermal performance benefits of a ventilated façade build-up.

BrickClad® is a brick cladding system that offers all these specification, buildability, sustainability, durability and long-term aesthetic advantages.

Brick cladding system specification benefits

  • Combines the architectural heritage of brick façades with a long-term legacy of durability
  • Suitable for refurbishments, new builds and modular construction.
  • No building height restriction throughout the UK.
  • Enables a wide choice of brick colours, textures and variegated patterns
  • Provides design flexibility
  • 75% lighter than conventional bricks and suitable for use as a brick façade on lightweight structures

Brick cladding system buildability benefits

  • Faster and easier to install.
  • Mechanically fixed with no reliance on adhesives.
  • Manufactured bricks ensure technical consistency.
  • Can be installed without temperature restrictions.
  • Can be installed from mast climbers.
  • Reduced storage required on site
  • Performance is guaranteed.

Brick cladding system sustainability benefits

  • Required reduced raw materials than conventional bricks.
  • Enables a brick finish as part of a thermally efficient ventilated façade build-up
  • Uses natural, recyclable clay and steel materials
  • Installed using a lime pointing mortar with zero cement content
  • Lower carbon footprint than a conventional brick façade.

Brick cladding system durability benefits

  • The Magnelis® steel used for the BrickClad®️ fixing system is a far superior alternative to galvanised steel.
  • It combines zinc, aluminium and magnesium to protect the steel from corrosion.
  • It provides three times more corrosion resistance than galvanisation for protection in even the harshest environments.
  • It is self-healing to protect against vulnerable nicks or scratches that could be incurred on site.

If you’d like to know more about the BrickClad® fixing system or our brick facades range, talk to our team.

Brick cladding system long-term aesthetic benefits

  • Durable brick façade with the excellent weathering resistance of natural clay
  • Consistent installation with predictable variegation and colour
  • Colour and texture matching with the local built environment

Why choose the BrickCladBrickclad® mechanically fixed brick cladding system?

Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick façade system draws on our decades’ of expertise in ventilated façade systems to create a brick cladding system with exceptional quality, buildability and performance

An excellent brick cladding choice for fire safety

BrickClad® is an excellent brick cladding choice for your fire-safe façade. Our brick façades meet BS-EN ISO Class A1 requirements for fire safety, which means that BrickClad® brick cladding is suitable for any project that requires an A1 non-combustible façade.

Brick façades are a popular choice for residential buildings, and the BrickClad® façade system’s certification as A1 rated cladding means that it is suitable for residential buildings of 18m in height or more. This best-in-class fire safety certification also futureproofs the specification against any potential tightening of fire safety compliance requirements.

A unique brick cladding mechanical fixing system

The BrickClad® brick façade system has been developed with a unique and patented mechanical fixing system, designed by Shackerley’s in-house experts and manufactured by us in-house at our ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire.

We roll-form the BrickClad® cassette rails for the mechanical fixing system, using 0.7mm thick Magnelis-coated steel or stainless steel, which is 40% thicker than other systems. This provides unbeatable strength, performance and corrosion resistance for your brick façade installation.

A sustainable brick façade

Purpose-made bricks manufactured in a 25mm thickness require 75% less raw material and energy usage as compared to a standard mortar-installed brick, which significantly reduces the bricks’ carbon footprint.

A wide range of BrickClad® brick cladding to choose from

Brick is a traditional construction material, but not all bricks look the same! With BrickClad®, we have created a consistently high quality, high performance and easier to install approach to brick façades, with a range that enables complete design and specification flexibility. With such a variety of brick colours, textures, and variegation available from within the BrickClad® brick façade range, there is a match for any building design, local context, or planning requirement. All our bricks are produced by expert partners to our specification and quality assurance standards. We’re constantly adding to our range so talk to our team. about your specific requirements.

Easier brick façade installation with BrickClad®

Shackerley’s BrickClad®  mechanical fixing system ensures faster installation while delivering improved consistency, reliability, and performance.

The brick façade system uses the patented and Queens Award-winning Shackerley SureClad® primary support to create a grid for SureClad® ‘T’ profile extrusions. The ‘T’ profiles are then inserted into these brackets and aligned to ensure planarity, before being secured with stainless steel fixings. Isolator tape is then applied to the face of the vertical ‘T’ profiles and the BrickClad® cassette channels are fixed to the SureClad® support framework ready to receive the BrickClad® bricks.

The top lip of the each brick is fitted into the upper recess of the cassette and a rubber mallet is used to engage the brick securely in the fixing system. The BrickClad® brick façade is then pointed using Shackerley’s specially-formulated BrickClad® lime pointing mortar.

Talk to us about our BrickClad® brick façade range

If you’re specifying a brick façade for your project and you need a durable ventilated brick façade system that meets your design goals and performance criteria, the BrickClad® brick façade system is ideal. Talk to our team. to find out more.

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