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Porcelain ventilated façades

Known as Ceramic Granite - Porcelain Stone

Hardwearing and lightweight porcelain stone facades

Our Queen’s Award-winning SureClad® porcelain stone façade system provides an ideal solution for architects and specifiers that need a ventilated façade system with the beauty of natural stone and the durability of high quality porcelain stone cladding.

Manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified factories as installation-ready porcelain stone cladding panels, our SureClad® porcelain stone façade system is compliant with ISO TS 17870-3:2023. Our porcelain stone cladding system enables façade design flexibility and attractive porcelain stone façade aesthetics, with a low maintenance rainscreen that does not discolour or degrade over time.

Market leading porcelain stone cladding

We work closely with architects and specifiers in the UK and beyond to help them optimise designs for porcelain stone facades, using SureClad® large format porcelain stone façade panels.

With a huge array of porcelain stone façade colourways and finishes to choose from, our porcelain stone façade system has been used on prestigious commercial cladding projects across all construction sectors, including residential, offices, retail, hotels, education, healthcare, and public buildings.

Take a look at our façade gallery , sector gallery and news pages to find out more.

Low maintenance porcelain stone facades

The SureClad® porcelain stone cladding system provides a low maintenance façade. The porcelain stone façade materials we use are impervious, so they provide excellent resistance to weathering and pollutants for your porcelain stone façade, along with resistance to graffiti, algae and contaminants.

Non-combustible porcelain stone façades

The SureClad® porcelain stone façade system comprises porcelain stone façade panels that are A1-rated to BS EN13501-1. All our porcelain stone façade panels are fitted with safety meshing, which is applied to the rear of the porcelain stone cladding during fabrication of our installation-ready porcelain stone cladding panels in our ISO 9001 certified factories. You can choose to opt for our unique A1-rated safety meshing for your porcelain stone façade, or safety meshing that is A2-s1,d0 rated to BS EN 13501-1.

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