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Surestone Engineered Stone ventilated façades

The evolution of the SureClad® façade portfolio

Building upon the success of its market leading ventilated cladding offer, and responding to demand from specifiers for premium materials in ever larger façade panel formats, Shackerley has extended its range of external envelope solutions with a range of Surestone ventilated façades.

A premium quality façade solution

Large format surestone panels provide an attractive, high performance, fire resistant façade option. Delivering the natural aesthetics and visual appeal of traditional quarried stone such as granite, limestone or sandstone, surestone offers superior strength and contemporary styling with much reduced loadings on the buildings.

Extensive range available

Shackerley’s surestone is offered in an extensive array of styles, colours and finishes, and façade panels can be supplied in a wide range of formats, up to 3050 x 1240mm in size. The inherent characteristics of surestone also allow for façade panels to be achieved with bespoke surface detailing, such as fluting, providing the specifier with a wide range of aesthetic design options.

Single source solution

Shackerley supplies the entire surestone ventilated facade system direct to site as a single-source package. Façade panels are supplied fully prefabricated, ready for installation as part of a ventilated facade system. All prefabrication work is carried out Shackerley’s ISO9001 accredited quality controlled factory in Lancashire.

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