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SureClad® porcelain and natural granite for hotel facade

 SureClad® porcelain and natural granite for hotel facade

Shackerley has provided both SureClad® porcelain cladding and the SureClad® natural granite facade system for a prestigious boutique hotel in Islington.

Delivered by Henry Construction (https://henryconstruction.co.uk/) The 151-room Indigo Hotel combines the Grade II listed former Hat & Feathers pub with two new-build wings, creating a mix of restored heritage architecture with two contemporary extensions with granite facades. The SureClad® porcelain cladding has been used for the development’s rear courtyard area.

Shackerley’s SureClad® natural granite facade system was chosen to complement the surrounding buildings and the traditional architecture of the local area. The developer took a personal interest in selecting the facade system for the project, visiting Shackerley’s London showroom at the Building Centre to select the facade materials and find out more about our SureClad® cladding systems.

The variety of facade finishes offered within the SureClad® natural granite facade range and SureClad® porcelain cladding system, along with the technical support Shackerley can offer from facade specification through to completed cladding installation, were instrumental in the SureClad® facade system being selected as the cladding for the project.

Shackerley supplied SureClad® cladding systems for a total facade area of 1772m2 at the Indigo Hotel, Islington project. Both the SureClad® natural granite facade panels and the SureClad® porcelain cladding system were manufactured at Shackerley’s ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire for this project as A1 rated facade systems to BS EN 13501-1. Natural granite facade panels are always A1 rated, and for this project, Shackerley pre-fabricated the SureClad® A1-rated installation-ready porcelain facade panels using Shackerley’s unique A1-rated anti-fragmentation safety meshing. This non-combustible facade installation will underpin safety for staff and guests at the new hotel.

A facade area of 852m2 was installed using large-format, 30mm thick SureClad® natural granite cladding panels. Meanwhile the SureClad® porcelain cladding system, in a natural white colourway, was installed for a facade area of 920m2 in the courtyard to the rear of the building using large format 1202 x 600mm cladding panels. Both SureClad® facade systems were installed using the Shackerley SureClad® Hang On fixing system.

The hotel project builds on a variety of hotel projects completed using Shackerley SureClad® facade systems, including several Hilton Hotels and two hotels for Accor Group in Leicester.