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BrickClad® complements local brick facades at Lincoln student blocks

BrickClad® complements local brick facades at Lincoln student blocks

The Viking House student accommodation block at Lincoln University has been enhanced by Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick cladding system.

The Viking House student accommodation block at Lincoln University has been enhanced by Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick cladding system.

The student accommodation is located a stone’s throw from the Lincoln University campus and has been delivered in two phases. Phase 1 involved the conversion of a former Department for Work & Pensions assessment centre, while Phase 2 has involved a new build on a confined site at the front of the building. It is here that Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick rainscreen system has been chosen for the brick Facade. It was the ideal brick cladding solution to provide the traditional aesthetic of a brick facade as an overclad  project for an existing elevation.

The BrickClad® bricks that were used to create the new brick facade, which are made from extruded natural clays and kiln fired for strength and durability, were chosen to complement local brick housing stock and the brick facades of adjacent buildings.

The mechanically fixed brick cladding system chosen for the project was from Shackerley’s BrickClad® Saxony range. The 215x65mm BrickClad® bricks are a popular red multi-mix choice, available from stock. The specification means that the brick cladding blends perfectly with Lincoln’s cityscape and neighbouring brick facades, resulting in a coherent and aesthetically pleasing street frontage.

The BrickClad® brick cladding system was installed using primary support brackets from Shackerley’s patented and Queen’s Award winning SureClad® cladding support system, create a supporting grid for SureClad® ‘T’ profile extrusions. The ‘T’ profiles were inserted into these brackets and aligned to ensure planarity, before being secured with stainless steel fixings.

BrickClad® cassette rails were then fixed horizontally to the SureClad® support framework ready to receive the BrickClad® bricks. Our patented BrickClad® mechanical brick cladding fixing system was designed and developed in-house at Shackerley. BrickClad® cassettes are manufactured at Shackerley’s ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire, using Magnelis-coated or stainless steel for a strong and resilient brick facade.

Offering a lightweight solution that minimizes additional load on the existing structure, the BrickClad® mechanically-fixed brick cladding system provided both buildability and aesthetic advantages for the student accommodation project and delivers an A1-rated non-combustible facade to BS EN13501-1, offering complete peace of mind for students, their parents and the university.

More information on BrickClad® Mechanical Brick Facades can be obtained here


Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick cladding system for brick facades

Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick cladding system is an ideal alternative to external brickslip cladding for any project that requires a brick facade. Brick is a traditional construction material in the UK and the BrickClad® brick rainscreen system enables the construction of a brick facade using an innovative mechanical brick cladding installation system. This means that a brick facade can be achieved faster, but unlike brickslip systems, BrickClad® uses genuine kiln-fired clay bricks, providing brick cladding that look and feels like traditional brick facade construction. With BrickClad®, Shackerley provides the benefits of mechanical brick facade installation and the consistency of a brick rainscreen, while offering brick cladding with the aesthetics of traditional brick.

Installation for our mechanical fixed brick facade involves insertion of each brick into BrickClad® Magnelis/Stainless steel cassettes. Each mechanical brick is secured inside the cassette by its unique BrickClad® profile and is pointed with BrickClad® lime brick pointing mortar. 

Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick cladding answers the non-combustible cladding requirements of BS EN13501-1. Our brick facade system is an A1 rated rainscreen.