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BrickClad® brick facade for Birmingham retail project

BrickClad® brick facade for Birmingham retail project

Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick cladding system has been installed at a retail estate in Birmingham, adding interest and detail to the facade of a new-build retail unit.

Located on Warstock Road in the Kings Heath area of the city, the project is being delivered by main contractor, Benniman Construction Group. The cladding project involves installation of 207m² of the mechanically-fixed BrickClad® brick facade system by cladding contractor, Construction Profiles.

 The brick facade has been designed to complement the existing local built environment, while using Shackerley’s BrickClad® mechanically-fixed brick cladding system to aid buildability. The result will be an authentic and hard wearing brick facade.

 The BrickClad® brick facade system was specified in a red-multi colourway, and the project is being delivered in partnership with Kingspan, combining two market-leading facade elements in a single high-performing system.

 The innovative facade solution brings together Kingspan’s high performing QuadCore insulated panels with the patented, market-leading, BrickClad® brick cladding system, designed and manufactured by Shackerley at out ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire.

 The Kingspan system allows the building to be made watertight very quickly, because the insulated panels act as both the internal and external wall, prior to installation of the BrickClad® brick facade. The completed hybrid system also delivers excellent airtightness and low U-values post installation, helping to ensure a high standard of comfort and energy efficiency, in line with sustainability goals.

You can find the full range of Kingspan facades and panels here.

 Shackerley BrickClad® system enables faster installation of a brick facade, whilst using genuine kiln-fired bricks for a traditional facade aesthetic and excellent durability. The BrickClad® bricks are placed into the BrickClad® Magnelis or stainless steel cassettes, which we manufacture in-house using steel that is 40% thicker than other systems. This means that the carrier system for BrickClad® brick facades provides unbeatable strength, performance, and corrosion resistance, adding to the service life benefits of the BrickClad facade specification.

More information on BrickClad® Mechanical Brick Facades can be obtained here

 Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick cladding system for brick facades

Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick cladding system is an ideal alternative to external brickslip cladding for any project that requires a brick facade. Brick is a traditional construction material in the UK and the BrickClad® brick rainscreen system enables the construction of a brick facade using an innovative mechanical brick cladding installation system. This means that a brick facade can be achieved faster, but unlike brickslip systems, BrickClad® uses genuine kiln-fired clay bricks, providing brick cladding that look and feels like traditional brick facade construction. With BrickClad®, Shackerley provides the benefits of mechanical brick facade installation and the consistency of a brick rainscreen, while offering brick cladding with the aesthetics of traditional brick.

Installation for our mechanical fixed brick facade involves insertion of each brick into BrickClad® Magnelis/Stainless steel cassettes. Each mechanical brick is secured inside the cassette by its unique BrickClad® profile and is pointed with BrickClad® lime brick pointing mortar. 

 Shackerley’s BrickClad® brick cladding answers the non-combustible cladding requirements of BS EN13501-1. Our brick facade system is an A1 rated rainscreen.