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Stone facade for University of Huddersfield project

Stone facade for University of Huddersfield project

Shackerley is supplying the 962m2 natural stone facade for the University of Huddersfield’s prestigious Daphne Steele Building with our SureClad® Natural Stone cladding system. A centrepiece of the University’s new Health & Innovation campus, the project has been designed by AHR, and is the first university building in the UK to be designed to the WELL Platinum Standard; a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing.

Constructed by BAM, the development will combine research and education, with student-led clinics and specialist clinical teaching facilities.

Shackerley is supplying a total of 3,515 pieces of CROSLAND HILL sandstone, with 40mm thick natural stone facade panels manufactured to order at our ISO 9001 certified Lancashire factories.

The SureClad® natural stone facade system is being installed by specialist roofing and cladding contractor, Certa, using the SureClad® Hang-On fully anchored mechanical fixing system. The SureClad® Hang-On fixing system is ideal for heavier facade panels in the Shackerley range, and is usually used for our natural stone facades.


SureClad® Hang-On fully anchored system facade panels are supplied with four or more aluminium brackets pre-fitted and secured with stainless steel undercut anchors. The brackets at the bottom of each facade panel are fixed, while those at the top are adjustable. The cladding panels are offered vertically, flat to the substructure, with all brackets engaging simultaneously with the horizontal carrier rails. Adjusting bolts in the top brackets are then used to make any necessary small adjustments to the cladding panel’s position.

Completion of the Daphne Steel building is expected by September 2024, ready for the new academic year.