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Shackerley’s facade expertise helps deliver Dublin office

Shackerley’s facade expertise helps deliver Dublin office

Shackerley’s facade manufacturing expertise has helped to deliver the exceptional interior finish for 20 Kildare Street in Dublin, the commercial office development that won Fit Out Project of the Year for new build offices.

Certified to LEED Gold and WiredScore Platinum, the 20 Kildare Street development is a 6000m2 contemporary office building linked to a refurbished Georgian property in the heart of Dublin. Shackerley worked in partnership with Darwen Terracotta (https://www.darwenterracotta.com/) to realise the architect’s vision for a feature entrance in the link structure between the new build and refurbished aspects of the development. The project has created an interior facade, with cladding materials supplied by Darwen Terracotta and pre-fabricated as installation-ready facade panels at one of Shackerley’s ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire.

Darwen Terracotta supplied the Shackerley team with the 64mm thick curved, high gloss turquoise interior facade material, along with the drilling references required for fabrication of the installation-ready cladding panels. Shackerley then utilized the advanced machinery and skilled team at our factories to carry out accurate undercut drilling, install undercut anchors and mount each panel with the Shackerley SureClad® Hang On support brackets. A total of 293 panels were manufactured at Shackerley’s factories for the 150m2 facade project, in three sizes: 280 x 1210mm; 280 x 904mm, and 280 x 865mm.

The stunning interior facade at the award-winning 20 Kildare Street project is not the first time that Shackerley and Darwen Terracotta have worked together on a facade project. Shackerley also provided expert cladding manufacturing services for the Tower of Light project in Manchester, adapting the SureClad® Hang On facade installation system to create a suitable mechanical fixing system for the mollusc-shaped and highly glazed panels used for the renewable energy project’s ‘energy wall’. On both occasions, the Shackerley team worked in close collaboration with Darwen Terracotta and the cladding installer to provide quality assured, pre-fabricated and installation-ready facade panels, with precision drilled undercut anchors and a facade fixing system proven for supporting heavy cladding panels.