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Sustainable bonded return facade details

Sustainable bonded return facade details

Shackerley’s industry-leading reputation as a quality-assured UK facade manufacturer has led to a project involving a wide array of bespoke facade details for a commercial building in Camden.

The new build project required a certified, lightweight facade system, and our SureClad® engineered stone facade system was chosen as an ideal solution. Unlike any other engineered stone facade system on the UK facade market, the Shackerley SureClad® engineered stone cladding system material is made using more than 95% natural stone, and contains no cement. This means that it provides excellent facade design versatility, while delivering a reduced carbon footprint and better sustainability credentials as compared to any cement-based facade system.

 Our ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire are producing large format engineered stone facade panels for the project, along with a variety of bespoke facade details. Thanks to our quality assurance processes and advanced facade manufacturing equipment, we are able to custom-manufacture bespoke facade elements with precision accuracy to enable a successful cladding installation project and a high quality engineered stone facade, with excellent design values, performance and low-maintenance over an extended facade lifespan.


 Amongst the facade details we are producing for the Camden project are large cills. These 3m long engineered stone facade details have a bracketed and bonded return and will be delivered to site as installation-ready pre-formed beams and columns. Thanks to our experience as a UK facade system manufacturer, we are able to produce these cills for the facade with virtually invisible 30mm bonded returns. This will deliver a seamless facade aesthetic once the cladding installation has been completed.


 And, of course, the SureClad® engineered stone facade at the Camden development will also maintain its high-end appearance over time, thanks to the high performance of Shackerley’s engineered stone cladding material. With water absorption rates of less than 0.5%, the SureClad® engineered stone facade will not absorb airborne pollutants or enable algae growth, avoiding the maintenance issues that can be encountered with many cement-based, precast and GRC systems.


 Brian G Newell MBE, CEO of Shackerley comments : “Thanks to Shackerley’s expertise in manufacturing virtually invisible bonded returns, we are able to supply bespoke facades with cills like these for the Camden project, which offer the benefits of a pre-cast facade detail, while also delivering improved sustainability and low maintenance performance.”