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Shackerley provides granite facade for Birmingham offices

Shackerley provides granite facade for Birmingham offices

Shackerley has supplied the SureClad® natural stone cladding system for the facade of a prestigious office building in the heart of Birmingham’s commercial centre.

The showpiece commercial development is in a high footfall area of Birmingham city centre, in a location where many of the buildings feature natural stone facades. The architect specified stone cladding for the project and Shackerley has provided a total 649 fully fabricated natural stone facade panels in a dark grey natural granite, enabling cladding contractor, Advanced Roofing (www.advanced-roofing.co.uk) to install a total facade area of 410m2.

All SureClad® natural stone facade panels for the project were custom-manufactured at one of Shackerley’s ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire. The large format cladding panels supplied included bonded corners and bespoke details, including cladding for steps and balustrades.

The granite cladding panels were supplied with a flame brushed finish, involving a secondary finishing process within the Shackerley facade factory, which removes any sharp edges from the facade panel, while retaining an attractive, textured appearance for the granite cladding installation.

Each granite cladding panel supplied by Shackerley for the commercial facade project was just 20mm thick, and the A1-rated granite cladding material was meshed with Shackerley’s a2-s1-d0 rated mesh, for a non-combustible facade.

The stone facade system was installed using Shackerley’s undercut anchored Hang On facade fixing system, and was delivered to site as installation ready granite cladding panels, with all Hang-on brackets pre-attached with undercut anchors.