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SureClad® porcelain stone selected for another seaside hotel

SureClad® porcelain stone selected for another seaside hotel

Shackerley has supplied another hotel facade project on the Devon coast with our SureClad® porcelain stone cladding, ensuring the seaside resort of Paignton is ready to welcome tourists for the summer season.

Specification of the SureClad® porcelain stone facade system in a pale grey colourway for the new Ibis Styles Hotel on the Paignton seafront follows the success of SureClad® porcelain stone cladding for the facade of the Park Hotel in the town, where it was specified in a mottled red-brown colourway, referencing the brick town houses that originally occupied the site.

The same architectural practice, Kay Elliot, specified the Shackerley SureClad® porcelain stone facades for both projects. The firm specialises in tourism and hotels and selected the SureClad® porcelain stone cladding because it provides both a high-end aesthetic and the resilience needed for a low-maintenance, high quality finish for an extended service life in the challenging coastal location.

Located a stone’s throw from Paignton beach, with a sunset terrace looking out to sea, the Ibis Styles Hotel is separated from the beach by Esplanade Road, the town’s main coastal thoroughfare. Shackerley’s SureClad® porcelain stone system provides the ideal facade solution for this environment. The impervious porcelain stone material is resistant to pollutants, contaminants, algae and graffiti, ensuring that the hotel facade will retain its luxury appearance over time. It also offers excellent weather protection, with outstanding freeze/thaw and U/V resistance.

Shackerley’s SureClad® porcelain stone cladding system is A1 rated to BS EN 13501-1, and for this project the facade was specified with our standard A2 s1-d0 safety meshing, providing a complete non-combustible facade for the hotel project. The 1202mm x 600mm SureClad® porcelain stone cladding for the 136m2 facade installation was manufactured at one of our ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire and supplied to site as pre-fabricated, installation-ready cladding panels, in compliance with ISO TS 17870-3:2023.

The Shackerley SureClad® porcelain stone cladding system was installed at the Ibis Styles Hotel in Paignton by Wilde Ltd, the same company that delivered the successful Park Hotel SureClad® facade project in the town, using the patented and Queen’s Award winning SureClad® Access mechanical fixing system, which also enables non-sequential installation.

A ready to install porcelain cladding system has all parts of the cladding system pre-fitted onto the cladding panels in an appropriately accredited/quality-controlled factory. Shackerley’s ready to install cladding panels are pre-fabricated with all undercut anchors and clips attached.  Avoiding any assembly of components on site ensures improved quality of installation and performance of the finished cladding. All Shackerley cladding systems are supplied as fully pre-fabricated cladding panels for an installation-ready cladding system, with all cladding panel pre-fabrication carried out in our ISO 9001 certified UK factories,  avoiding any need for the assembly of panels on site.  For porcelain cladding systems the requirement for factory assembled panels is detailed in the new standard ISO/TS 17870-3:2023 – published by BSI.

Porcelain rainscreen systems should be fabricated in an appropriately accredited, quality controlled, factory environment in accordance with the requirements of ISO TS 17870-3 and delivered to site as ready-to-install facade panels, mechanically fixed to the building, structure in compliance with the requirements set out in ISO/TS 17870-3:2023 – published by BSI.  The porcelain rainscreen system provides a drained and ventilated facade that protects the building, enhances thermal performance and delivers an attractive porcelain finish for a building. You can find out more about the Shackerley SureClad® porcelain stone cladding here