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Porcelain Facade for Shackerley in Dublin

Porcelain Facade for Shackerley in Dublin

Shackerley has provided the company’s patented SureClad® porcelain facade system for a second warehousing unit at Aerodrome Park; Dublin’s sought after sustainable warehouse and office development.

The facade project, delivered in partnership with Kingspan, has involved installation of the Shackerley SureClad® porcelain facade system as part of an insulated building envelope, along with Kingspan’s Quadcore Karrier system.The full range of Kingspan architectural facades can be seen here:


This innovative facade solution brings together Kingspan’s high performing QuadCore insulated panel solutions with the premium appearance and longevity of Shackerley’s fully-prefabricated large format porcelain cladding, attached directly to the Kingspan panels using Shackerley’s Queen’s Award-winning SureClad® Access mechanical fixing system.

The combined Kingspan and Shackerley system enables rapid installation, allowing the building to be made watertight very quickly, because the insulated panels act as both the internal and external wall, prior to installation of the SureClad® porcelain facade. The completed hybrid system also delivers excellent airtightness and low U-values post installation, helping to ensure a high standard of comfort and energy efficiency, in line with the business park’s sustainability goals.

The impervious Shackerley SureClad® porcelain panels will also contribute to the business park’s sustainability goals by enhancing the longevity of the facade. U/V resistant, Shackerley porcelain cladding withstands freeze-thaw conditions and is resistant to algae, graffiti and discolouration from pollutants or weathering. This means Shackerley porcelain cladding delivers an excellent, low maintenance facade with an extended service life.

The Aerodrome Business Park project involved a total porcelain cladding area of 607m2 to create the facade for the warehousing development’s office areas. This included contrasting shades of Shackerley SureClad® porcelain cladding panels in two colourways, installed quickly and efficiently using the SureClad® Access mechanical fixing cladding installation system.





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Shackerley’s SureClad® porcelain cladding is the ideal porcelain rainscreen solution for any facade. The lightweight porcelain  cladding system uses mechanically fixed large format cladding panels to create a porcelain facade that looks great on any building. Robust and hardwearing, the mechanical fixed cladding delivers a UV stable facade that will not fade or discolour over time. The SureClad® porcelain cladding system is UV resistant and creates a facade that is resistant to algae and graffiti. The large format

Porcelain cladding panels manufactured by Shackerley for our porcelain rainscreen system provide an installation-ready lightweight cladding, with undercut anchors for a mechanical fixed cladding solution that is secure and suitable for any porcelain facade design requirement.

Mechanical fixed facades means each panel is secured with secret fix undercut anchors and produced under factory conditions to achieve the project facade windload requirements