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Unitised SureClad®️ facade installation takes shape

Unitised SureClad®️ facade installation takes shape

A stunning new student accommodation development featuring a unitised Shackerley SureClad® facade is nearing completion in Leeds, taking high-end student living to a new level. Carlton Hill is billed as stylish and modern city centre living by the University of Leeds. Compromising 88 apartments, the development also boasts six ‘sky lounges’ and two roof terraces.

Shackerley’s SureClad® porcelain stone cladding system was ideal for the 5000m2 facade of the prestigious student living development. Specified in a creamy beige Lopar colourway, which complements the Portland stone of nearby heritage buildings, the SureClad® facade system combines design flexibility, buildability, and robust performance for an extended service life.

Shackerley has worked closely with the delivery chain to provide cladding panels to a strict timetable for fabrication off-site and prior to installation on site. Shackerley’s SureClad® kerf system was used to create the facade, with SureClad® porcelain stone cladding panels cut to size and processed using the advanced kerf machinery at Shackerley’s ISO 9001 certified factories in Lancashire. Although Shackerley has the machinery and expertise to fabricate unitised construction modules in-house at our factories using any of the SureClad® facade systems, for this project, each completed panel has been sent to Hansen Group, who fabricated the 1000 3m x 3m modules required for the project.

SureClad® porcelain stone cladding panels are rated 8.5 on the MOHS scale - a qualitative scale that characterises the scratch resistance of various minerals and rates diamond as 10 - so they have exceptional levels of scratch and abrasion resistance. They also have virtually zero porosity, which provides excellent freeze/thaw resistance, resistance to algae and graffiti and UV resistance. As a result, the porcelain facade at Carlton Hill will retain its high-end aesthetic.

The unitised modules have been craned into place by Hansen Group enabling faster project delivery with a consistent, high quality facade finish. The project adds to a large portfolio of facade projects for Shackerley in Leeds, which includes a natural stone facade at Vita Student Living and porcelain cladding for the New York Square residential development.

 More information on porcelain cladding can be found here porcelain cladding

Porcelain cladding is a fully vitrified cladding system suitable for any commercial building. Shackerley’s SureClad®  porcelain is cut into cladding panels at Shackerley’s UK cladding manufacturer site in Lancashire and fully prefabricated as an installation-ready porcelain cladding system .

Porcelain cladding systems are amongst the most lightweight cladding systems, providing an alternative to traditional stone cladding systems. Even large format porcelain cladding panels provide a lightweight facade because porcelain cladding systems can be manufactured as thin as 10mm

Porcelain cladding is fully vitrified, so it provides stain resistant and colourfast cladding that remains robust and attractive. SureClad® porcelain cladding is stain resistant and colourfast as well as providing U/V stable cladding with colours that are permanent with no fading. 

Porcelain cladding is an excellent choice for scratch and abrasion resistance and it does not get scratched with normal wear and tear. Porcelain cladding panels are rated 8.5 on the MOHS scale - a qualitative scale that characterises the scratch resistance of various minerals and rates diamond as 10.

Porcelain cladding does not fade or discolour over time. For example the SureClad® porcelain cladding system is a U/V resistant cladding system that is robust and hardwearing, with excellent resistance to algae and graffiti, providing low maintenance cladding.