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Shackerley welcomes Wates Group’s Facades & Roofing Director

Shackerley welcomes Wates Group’s Facades & Roofing Director

As a leading UK manufacturer of non-combustible ventilated facade systems, Shackerley often welcomes clients and specifiers to our factories to enable them to find out more about our ISO 9001-certified facade manufacturing capabilities and our SureClad® and BrickClad® facade systems.

This week, the Shackerley team was delighted to welcome Neville Grunwald, Director of Facades and Roofs at Wates Group, to one of our Lancashire factories, for an informative knowledge sharing day.

Neville travelled to our Lancashire HQ to give the Shackerley team a very insightful presentation about recent changes to the Building Safety Act (BSA), which include new requirements to ensure high-rise buildings are constructed correctly, by competent professionals, and meet all regulatory stipulations to enhance occupant safety.

His presentation was followed by a factory tour with Shackerley’s Chairman, Brian G Newell MBE, and Production Director, Steve Lahera, to learn more about the bespoke machinery and strict quality assurance processes that underpin the performance, accuracy and aesthetic finish of the Shackerley SureClad® natural stone, porcelain stone, and Surestone engineered stone facade systems. 

Neville was able to follow our manufacturing process step by step to see how each SureClad® cladding panel is undercut-drilled and fitted with undercut anchors, with all support bracketry securely attached to provide a fully-prefabricated, installation-ready facade system for faster, more consistent and fully compliant installation on site.

Brian G Newell MBE commented: “It was a very useful meeting that enabled us to tap into Neville’s expertise and demonstrate how Shackerley is improving buildability and installation integrity thanks to our precision manufacturing capabilities and ISO 9001 quality assured pre-fabrication.

“Our SureClad® and BrickClad® facade systems have undergone a patented and Queen’s Award-winning design and development process. The facade for every project is manufactured to order, and every panel is quality checked and fully traceable, delivering full accountability for specifiers and building owners. We were delighted to showcase all of that during the visit and factory tour, and to demonstrate how our range is very much aligned to the requirements of the Building Safety Act, delivering facades that are safe, high performance and aesthetically appealing.”