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Working in partnership with Crossville

In partnership with American manufacturer Crossville, we are now promoting the SureClad® Access system across the US and Canada. This venture has begun as a full scale export arrangement and will gradually evolve into a mutually beneficial licensing deal as we help Crossville to replicate our highly specialised prefabrication equipment and processes in their own factories.

Demanding testing and assessment procedures

Before promoting Shackerley's ceramic granite ventilated facades as part of its extensive portfolio of exterior envelope solutions, Crossville subjected the SureClad® Access system to an extensive series of demanding architectural and engineering assessments in order to prove its suitability for regions prone to earthquakes, hurricanes and other climatic extremes.

This specialist work was carried out at the Philadelphia HQ of Architectural Testing Inc, a leading test house conducting structural performance test methods as established by AAMA, ASTM, SPRI, Miami-Dade, CCMC Technical Guides, and ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for building code compliance.


The SureClad® Access system met all required performance criteria, and in seismic testing procedures, achieved results described as "extraordinary" and "unique" by PROCON, Crossville's technical consultancy overseeing the testing. Accordingly, SureClad® was deemed "a proven and safe system for exterior walls in active US seismic zones."

In static air pressure tests, SureClad® withstood forces of up to 610kg/m², equivalent to wind pressures exerted on a 150m high building in a maximum high wind velocity zone of 150mph. The integrity of the system was also maintained when subjected to impact testing, simulating the force of high velocity windborne debris, and to a series of extreme heating and cooling cycles.

"Shackerley has 50 years of success in this industry, including two Queen's Awards for Enterprise in the Innovation category. The superior range of products combined with our 27 years of leading the domestic porcelain tile industry makes for an excellent partnership that will take the application of ventilated façade systems to a new level in the US."

Mark Shannon, Crossville Executive Vice President of Sales

ceramic testing cannon

The cannon used to fire missiles at the facade to simulate high velocity windborne debris

Click here to see SureClad® Access system being subjected to hurricane simulations at Architectural Testing Inc

ceramic testing cannon

The Mega Rack apparatus used for seismic testing

Click here to see SureClad® Access system being subjected to earthquake simulations at Architectural Testing Inc

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