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Working in partnership with Eliane

Shackerley has forged an alliance with Brazil's largest ceramic tile manufacturer, Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos, which has created new opportunities for architects throughout Brazil to specify the SureClad® façade system. The addition of SureClad® ceramic granite ventilated cladding to Eliane's portfolio of architectural products was revealed to an international audience at Expo Revestir 2014.

Partnership arrangement

Under the terms of the partnership arrangement Shackerley has shared its technical expertise with Eliane so that the South American company can supply SureClad® façades under licence across Brazil.

Eliane is drawing ceramic granite slabs from its own extensive portfolio and prefabricating them into installation-ready SureClad® façade panels using the same bespoke engineering facilities, systems and processes that Shackerley has perfected in the UK. A SureClad® prefabrication facility has been established in Eliane's Sao Paulo factory under Shackerley's expert guidance.

The SureClad® carrier system is being manufactured by Shackerley in Euxton and shipped to Lancashire.

Eliane, the company

Like Shackerley, Eliane is an independent, family owned company, established for over fifty years. With six factories, serving some 15000 domestic sales outlets and operating in five continents from its Sao Paulo Head Office and US and Canadian distribution centres, Eliane is the largest and most important ceramic manufacturer in Brazil.

For further information about Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos, please click here