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BrickClad® Lime Pointing Mortar Completes the Brick Façade

As part of our commitment to high-quality aesthetics and performance, we have developed a pointing mortar specifically for use with our BrickClad® brick façade system. Our range of standard mortar colours have been formulated to complement the colours and textures of our BrickClad® brick cladding ranges. Installation of our BrickClad® brick façades is completed with gun injection of our lime pointing mortar, ensuring a neat and robust finish for your mechanical brick cladding installation.

What are the advantages of lime pointing mortar for your brick façade?

Lime pointing mortar is a traditional building product that complements the use of the natural clays used to form the BrickClad® bricks for our brick cladding system, providing a high performance and environmentally beneficial solution for your brick façade.

A biodegradable product, lime mortar is also hardy and acts as a fungicide and natural disinfectant. This is because the lime mortar we provide as part of our BrickClad® brick cladding system is naturally very alkaline, and its high pH value prevents mould from appearing, and provides excellent resistance to algae and fungi. This means that your BrickClad® brick façade will keep its high end appearance over time and offer a low maintenance façade solution for your project. bacteria for human health.

Our lime mortar is also resistance to weather damage, with excellent tolerance of humidity, rain, and UV and reduced risk of cracking or shrinking. This ensures the integrity of your BrickClad® brick façade over time, along with its appearance.

These swatches provide a guide only to help you select the right mortar colour for your project: