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Mechanically fixed brick cladding installation with BrickClad®

Our BrickClad® brick cladding system has been designed by Shackerley to provide the traditional aesthetics of a conventional brick façade, along with the consistency and speed and ease of installation benefits of a contemporary brick rainscreen system.

Ready to install brick façade

Quality-assured with a mechanical fixing system designed by us, and Magnelis steel rails manufactured at certified Shackerley factories in Lancashire, our BrickClad® cladding systems are delivered to site as a complete, ready-to-install façade. The versatile BrickClad® brick cladding system ensures fast and simple installation with complete predictability for a façade with all bricks fully secured in place by our innovative mechanical fixing system.

Non-combustible brick cladding

Designed by our expert team to provide all the beauty of a brick façade with no visible fixings, our BrickClad® brick cladding system leverages Shackerley’s Queen’s Award-winning cladding fixing system expertise, delivering a brick façade that is attractive, safe and non-combustible

Innovative brick cladding fixing system

The calibre of the materials we have used for our unique BrickClad® mechanical fixing system matches the high standards of clays used to create our BrickClad®  bricks. The BrickClad® mechanical fixing system combines the familiar SureClad® brackets from our Queen’s Award-winning SureClad® façade systems with a custom-engineered brick cassette installation profile. We manufacture the cassette profiles using 0.7mm thick Magnelis coated, or stainless steel, which is 40% thicker than most brick façade fixing systems, for enhanced brick façade durability and service life.

Because the Shackerley BrickClad® mechanical fixing system is fully compatible with our tried and tested SureClad® ventilated façade primary support system, our brick façades can easily be used in combination with any of the ceramic granite, SureStone®, natural stone or terracotta panels in our SureClad® ranges.

Long-term performance and durability for your brick façade

The BrickClad® brick façade system conforms to a wide range of standards that indicate the long-term performance and durability of our brick façades. Certified to EN ISO 10545-1 for thermal shock resistance, the BrickClad® mechanically fixed brick façade system is also frost resistant to UNI EN ISO 10545-12, chemical resistant to UNI EN ISO 10545-13, and conforms to UNI EN ISO 10545-6 for abrasion resistance.

Among the many façade tests we have commissioned to verify the performance and durability of our BrickClad® brick cladding systems are the hard and soft body impact testing carried out according to CWCT TN76 at the UKAS Accredited Technology Centre. We understand that specifiers need clear and independent data to support safety and performance claims for their brick façade choices and we are focused on providing complete accountability for the brick cladding systems we supply.

Secure and consistent brick cladding installation

Shackerley’s BrickClad® mechanical brick cladding fixing system ensures faster installation while delivering improved consistency, reliability, safety, and service life.

First Shackerley’s SureClad® primary support brackets are installed to the façade to create a supporting grid for SureClad® ‘T’ profile extrusions. The ‘T’ profiles are inserted into these brackets and aligned to ensure planarity, before being secured with stainless steel fixings. Isolator tape is then applied to the face of the vertical ‘T’ profiles and the BrickClad® cassette channels are fixed to the SureClad® support framework ready to receive the BrickClad® bricks.

With the mechanical fixing system in place, the BrickClad® bricks can be fitted into the precision-manufactured channels in the BrickClad® cassettes. The top lip of the brick is fitted into the upper recess of the cassette and a rubber mallet is used to engage the brick securely in the fixing system, prior to pointing with Shackerley’s specially-formulated BrickClad® lime pointing mortar.