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BrickClad® Rustic Installation

Installation-ready Brick Façade System

The BrickClad® Rustic range is an easy install brick façade system with an extended service life. Like all Shackerley’s market leading SureClad® cladding ranges, BrickClad® façades are supplied to site as complete, tested systems, which are ready to install.

Installed with mechanical fixing, BrickClad® façades offer a contemporary, streamlined aesthetic, free from all visible fixings. This gives the timeless appeal, natural beauty and warmth of traditional bricks, along with the installation benefits and robust service life of our innovative mechanical brick façade fixing system.

Unique, Flexible Brick Façade Installation System

Shackerley is known for innovation in cladding system design, having won a Queen’s Award for our SureClad® façade system. For the BrickClad® façade range, we have built on that proven fixing system and combined it with new design ingenuity to create a unique approach to mechanical fixing.

Our wide range of SureClad® primary support brackets cater for differences in planarity across the design zone and allow the air space behind the façade to be varied to suit the building design, accommodating thermal and acoustic insulation of the required thickness. Their thermal isolation pads minimise heat loss due to thermal bridging.

The high-grade, structural-steel brick cassette profiles for Shackerley’s BrickClad® system are manufactured in our ISO 9001 quality-assured factory in Lancashire, using bespoke roll-forming production equipment. Precision manufacture of BrickClad® brick cassette profiles from high quality materials, along with the reliability of Shackerley’s SureClad® primary cladding support brackets, ensures easier installation, a neat finish and an extended service life.

Brickclad triple cross section

Consistent, Robust Brickslip Installation

Shackerley’s BrickClad® mechanical brickslip fixing system has been designed for ease of use, consistency and durability.

A supporting grid of Shackerley’s SureClad® primary support brackets is installed to the façade and vertical SureClad® ‘T’ profile extrusions are then inserted into these brackets. Once the ‘T’ profiles have been aligned to ensure planarity, they are secured with stainless steel fixings. Isolator tape is then applied to the face of the vertical T profiles and the BrickClad® brickslip cassette channels are fixed to the SureClad® support framework.

With the mechanical fixing system in place, the BrickClad® bricks are fitted with the help of a rubber mallet to locate and engage brick sections into the cassette.

BrickClad® Lime Pointing Mortar for Brick Façades

Complementing the BrickClad® Brickslip system, Shackerley offers a specially formulated cement/lime/sand pointing mortar. Available in a range of standard colours, Shackerley’s pointing mortars have been developed especially for use with the BrickClad® mechanically-fixed brick façade and are designed for application between the brick profiles by gun injection pointing.

Brickclad example mortar colours