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BrickClad® Mechanically-fixed Brick Façade Systems

The Next Generation of Brick Façades

Brick is the ultimate traditional building material in the UK and across much of Europe, providing warm, earthy tones, texture and variation. Made from natural clays, bricks have stood the test of time thanks to both the service life they offer, and their enduring appeal.

With the development of new construction technologies, mechanically-fixed brick façade systems provide the ideal solution for combining the benefits of ventilated façade wall build-ups with the heritage and aesthetic appeal of bricks. As a leader in the cladding sector, Shackerley has developed our unique BrickClad® mechanically fixed façade system to offer brick cladding for design, flexibility and buildability benefits, with a range of brick colourways, textures and variegated effects.

A Mechanically-fixed Brick System to Meet Your Needs

Fully-compatible with Shackerley’s market-leading SureClad® full primary support ventilated façade system, with helping-hand brackets ranging from 50mm to 290mm, our BrickClad® system has been designed to provide complete specification versatility for your cladding installation. This range enables architects to design the cavity dimensions according to project requirements and, thanks to compatibility across all SureClad® and BrickClad® cladding systems, multiple façade materials can be used on a single elevation.

Ease of Installation for Beautiful Brick Façades

Shackerley’s BrickClad® façade systems have been engineered to offer ease and speed of mechanical installation. Following installation of a grid of SureClad® primary support brackets, vertical SureClad® T-profiles are inserted, aligned and secured. BrickClad® mechanical fixing support cassette channels are fixed to this cladding framework and the bricks are fitted securely in place, ready to be pointed using Shackerley’s range of BrickClad® mortars, creating a beautiful brick façade.

Built to Last in Brick

The longevity of the Shackerley system not only lies in the quality of the brick sections, but also in the corrosion resistance of the mechanical fixing BrickClad® cassette rails, which are manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified cladding factory. Fabricated using 0.7mm thick Magnelis coated, or stainless, steel, BrickClad® cassette mechanical fixing rails have demonstrated corrosion resistance up to five times better than galvanized steel in accelerated corrosion tests, ensuring a robust and hardwearing brick façade.

Brickclad cross section