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BrickClad® Saxony Ventilated Brick façades

Brickslip Façades with Superior Buildability

Offering the distinctive look, texture and colourways of traditional bricks, combined with the buildability and performance benefits of a ventilated façade, Shackerley’s BrickClad® Saxony mechanically-fixed brickslip system offers the ideal choice for style, heritage and practicality.

Mechanically fixed, ISO 9001 accredited Brick system

The unique mechanical support system for Shackerley’s Saxony BrickClad® façades has been expertly designed by our in-house technical team and is manufactured at our ISO 9001 accredited cladding factory in Lancashire. We roll-form the BrickClad® cassette rails for the mechanical fixing system, using 0.7mm thick Magnelis-coated steel or stainless steel, which is 40% thicker than other systems, providing unbeatable strength, performance and corrosion resistance for your cladding installation.

Superior Quality Bricks

Shackerley’s Saxony BrickClad® façade range is manufactured using Westerwald clays to form the bricks. These clays are only found in north west Germany and are internationally renowned for their purity. BrickClad® Saxony bricks are continuously monitored during production as part of the robust quality assurance process for our mechanically fixed brick system. The final firing, at kiln temperatures as high as 1260 ℃, irrevocably fuses the clay molecules to create impervious and extremely durable bricks that ensure an attractive and hardwearing façade.

Tested and Certified Brick Façade System

Independent testing at the Vinci Technology Centre and certification by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) ensures Shackerley’s Saxony BrickClad® range meets the highest quality standards.