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Planning & design services

Comprehensive planning & design service

Committed to providing the very highest level of customer support and end-user value, Shackerley offers a comprehensive planning and design service and is able to provide specifiers, contractors and their clients expert advice at every stage during the specification, design and installation of their ventilated façade system.

Specification of façade panel size and support system

We offer the largest range of ceramic granite panel formats and can advise on the optimal panel size to minimise cutting, unnecessary waste and installation costs. Based on the panel format, thickness and weight, and additional requirements such as access to services and speed of installation, we can advise on the most appropriate façade support system from our SureClad® range.

System design and detailing

Working closely with your designers, our technical team can offer invaluable assistance at the detailed design stage to ensure that the SureClad® ventilated façade interfaces perfectly with other envelope components. As market leaders in this sector we have also developed an extensive range of specially worked design features, prefabricated components and adjustable fixings which will help to fast track your installation, and our full CAD capabilities and an extensive AutoCAD download library for detailing are at your disposal.


Building information modelling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data during its lifecycle. At Shackerley we are confident that BIM will grow to play a crucial role in building management and documentation and are currently working closely with specifiers and other construction professionals to further enhance our systems and procedures to ensure the content we supply is BIM compliant.

Structural engineering calculations

As part of our support package we are able to provide you with site specific structural engineering calculations wind loading, static load, impact resistance, pull-out strength etc. in line with all current Standards and CWCT (Cladding & Window Cladding Technology Group) recommendations. Indeed, we are uniquely qualified to advise in this area as our Chief Executive plays a key role on British, EN and ISO committees where these Standards governing testing methodology and criteria for ceramic ventilated cladding systems are continuously being improved and strengthened

Thermal and acoustic calculations

We would be pleased to supply you with detailed calculations to demonstrate the thermal and acoustic performance of an installed SureClad® ceramic granite façade in order to meet the requirements set out in current building codes.

Meeting the challenge

The company has built its reputation on its ability to deliver value-engineered and technically proven responses to the most demanding design challenges. The highly experienced technical team can provide bespoke, fully optimised design solutions to meet the precise requirements of each individual ventilated cladding project.

For more information

Please call our team of technical advisors on 01257 273114 or use the technical enquiry form for further information.