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Brackets & rails

Standard design zone

We offer a range of different aluminium primary support brackets to suit the building design and to accommodate thermal and acoustic insulation of the required thickness. Thermal isolation pads are fitted to these brackets to minimise heat loss through thermal bridging.

  Design Zone
50mm T rail 74mm T rail
Bracket Order No. Bracket Length Bracket & 'T' Insulation Void Bracket & 'T' Insulation Void
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
RS-N62 62mm 75mm 97mm 25mm 47mm 97mm 122mm 25mm 47mm
RS-N95 95mm 103mm 125mm 53mm 75mm 103mm 150mm 28mm 75mm
RS-N130 130mm 139mm 161mm 89mm 110mm 139mm 185mm 64mm 110mm
RS-N170 170mm 179mm 201mm 129mm 150mm 179mm 225mm 104mm 150mm
RS-N210 210mm 219mm 241mm 169mm 190mm 219mm 265mm 144mm 190mm
RS-N250 - - - - - 259mm 305mm 184mm 230mm
RS-N290 - - - - - 299mm 345mm 224mm 270mm

Vertical rail options

We offer a range of aluminium vertical ‘T’ profiles and ‘Box’ sections to support most standard ventilated façade installations.