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Fixing system options for Surestone rainscreens

Shackerley Surestone façade systems provide an ideal option for projects where an authentic stone aesthetic is important but a more consistent cladding material is required.

With surestone façade panels up 3000x1200 available at only 20mm thick, the Surestone system weighs just 50kg per m2. It is usually installed using the SureClad® Hang On façade fixing system.

Offering design flexibility for your façade projects, the Surestone cladding system is also ideally suited to modular installation.

Installing surestone façades with the SureClad® Hang On fixing system

Combining horizontal rails with vertical ‘T’ or ‘L’ profiles, and aluminium primary support brackets, the SureClad® Hang On façade fixing system is a robust ventilated façade system, ideal for facades specified with heavy, large-format surestone cladding panels.

Providing excellent flexibility, the SureClad® Hang On system enables even distribution of windloads and deadloads across the surface area of the surestone façade panels, for cladding panels measuring up to 3200x1600x20mm .

Because the SureClad® Hang On system is also suitable for mounting other large, heavy façade materials from the SureClad® range, including porcelain stone, natural limestone or natural granite, it is an ideal system for installing facades designed with mixed cladding materials.

Modular construction for surestone façades

The Shackerley Surestone façade system can be pre-fabricated and installed as a unitized façade system as part of a modular construction strategy. Each pre-fabricated unitized façade section can delivered to site as an installation-ready module, which can be craned into position and secured in place.

Shackerley has the technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities to fabricate the unitized façade modules to the specified design in our ISO 9001 certified Lancashire factories. This enables quality-assured consistency and utilises the tried and tested Shackerley under-cut anchor and bolt fixing system, with surestone façade panels secured directly onto an aluminium frame, including both front façade panels and side returns. Take a look at an example of a unitized surestone project.