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An ideal cladding material

Range of benefits

Shackerley’s surestone offers an exceptionally attractive, strong and durable exterior cladding solution with a range of benefits for the specifier and client alike.

Beauty and heritage

Delivering the natural beauty and aesthetics of traditional marble and granite, the surestone in Shackerley’s SureClad® collection is produced in Italy and is inspired by the rich history of Verona from where it originates, with styling reinterpreted to contemporary tastes. Many different colourways and surface finishes are available

A natural product

The natural appearance of the surestone is the result of a state of the art production process which combines a very high percentage of crushed and refined quarried stones with a highly specialised bonding agent.

Versatile formats

Shackerley’s surestone is produced in massive blocks which are cut to create exceptionally large (3050 x1240mm) slabs. Shackerley is then able to cut these slabs to the required façade panel size using specialised heavy duty cutting equipment at its ISO 9001 quality accredited production facility.

Curved panels

As surestone is cut from a block, rather than pressed to form a slab, it is possible to create curved panels, cut to a radius. These can be used in conjunction with Shackerley’s SureClad® ventilated facade systems.

Strong and light

Large format surestone panels are very strong as they have none of the flaws, defects and weaknesses inherent in quarried stones. Façade systems can be specified using panels that are much thinner and lighter, yet even stronger than their quarried counterparts, greatly reducing loadings on the building and the substructure. The relative light weight of surestone panels also makes the façade system easier to transport, handle and install.

Resistance to fire

Surestone for façades is certified fire resistant to Class A2 when tested to BS EN13501-1. This type of cladding is therefore suitable for installation on tower blocks and other multi-storey buildings.

Bespoke prefabrication and detailing

Shackerley has the technical expertise and in-house manufacturing capabilities to provide surestone panels with bespoke surface detailing, providing the specifier with a range of aesthetic design options to give façades a highly distinctive look. The inherent characteristics of the surestone allow the material to be worked in a similar way to quarried stone by Shackerley’s highly skilled production team, delivering fluting, etching, etc.

Environmental advantages

Whilst surestone is produced from a non-renewable resource, it will last a lifetime. There is very little waste during quarrying as even stone dust can be incorporated into the finished material. Shackerley’s surestone is all produced using low energy processes.