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Project Details - Avon and Somerset Police


Project Spotlight -
Shackerley and BENCHMARK join forces for Avon and Somerset Police

Shackerley supplied BENCHMARK with over 5000m² of gleaming white ceramic granite façade panels for three striking new build facilities developed for Avon & Somerset Police. The highly polished large format panels were specially prefabricated at Shackerley's ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility in Lancashire for installation onto the BENCHMARK Karrier Engineered Façade System.

The developments were delivered by Blue Light Partnership as part of an £80 million PFI project to provide attractive, modern and energy efficient accommodation for the police, comprising custody and crime investigation centres, specialist support units and new police stations.

Collaborating closely to ensure commonality of design across the three buildings, Ryder Architecture took responsibility for two new centres in Bridgwater and Patchway, with Haverstock leading the design of a third facility in Keynsham.

Whilst the BENCHMARK Karrier Engineered Façade System was specified by Miller Construction, the ceramic granite façades were specified by architects at Ryder.

"We've used Shackerley's SureClad® ceramic granite cladding with great success on many recent projects," explained Associate Jonathan Seebacher, "so we knew exactly how this material could help us to achieve the high quality, timeless appearance we were seeking across the suite of projects."

"The office volumes have a linear 'tube' appearance and are clearly visible from all approaches. They sit above a solid plinth and are framed in white ceramic granite which actively responds to varying intensities and qualities of natural light, whilst contrasting strongly with the colour of the plinth walling below. Careful detailing has achieved crisp and sharp junctions at corners and projections, providing an elegance and quality of appearance to the simple geometry. "

The police centres are now fully operational and are the latest additions to a long list of prestigious projects featuring a SureClad® ceramic granite façade coupled with the BENCHMARK Karrier Engineered Façade System. Specifiers are able to take full advantage of synergistic benefits provided by this exceptionally attractive and well insulated engineered cladding solution, thanks to a long term strategic alliance forged between Shackerley and BENCHMARK By Kingspan.