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Environmental credentials

The sustainability of ceramic granite ventilated cladding has contributed towards the overall BREEAM ratings of Excellent and Very Good achieved by many prestigious projects across the UK.

Made entirely from natural materials

Recreating the forces of nature, the manufacturing process involves dry pressing and firing a blend of carefully selected refined clays, quartz, feldspars and metal oxides. The pressures and temperatures involved in creating a ceramic granite slab are so extreme that no bonding agents or resins are required, resulting in a material with very natural characteristics.

No waterproofing chemicals or coatings are used to treat the material and the processes used to create the polished surfaces are totally lead-free.

The façade panels created do not release radon or any other radioactive gases. They are completely inert, unaffected by UV light and resistant to graffiti damage which means they require only minimal long term maintenance.

A sustainable choice

The ceramic granite ranges used by Shackerley are sourced and manufactured in compliance with the European Ecolabel Certification scheme which deems that products and services are produced respecting specific environmental criteria throughout the life cycle.

The number of ranges in our collection that incorporate recycled material is growing all the time. In some cases the recycled pre-consumer waste content of a façade panel is approaching 40% of the final product.

Many of our façade panels have L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) credits. L.E.E.D. is a complex, flexible evaluation system that promotes integrated, sustainable planning and design that regards the whole building throughout its life cycle, defining the standards that characterise a low environmental impact building with regard to its design, construction and maintenance.