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Façade colours

Market leading range

As the market leader in ceramic granite ventilated cladding, Shackerley is able to supply façade panels in an unparalleled range of colour combinations, veined and grained variations and different surface finishes.

Colours and styles

This innovative material can be fashioned to replicate the appearance of almost any naturally occurring granite or marble with through-body patterns, veins, grains and rich colouration. Advanced technology has overcome the problem of pattern repetition that so often occurs with other manufactured materials. So while every panel in a Shackerley ventilated façade offers tonal consistency and integrity of pattern, each individual slab is unique.

Shackerley also offers ceramic granite tiles and slabs in solid monochromatic format, enabling the performance benefits of this exceptional material to be combined with a very contemporary appearance.

Innovation in design

Recent developments in ceramic granite manufacturing have enabled us to offer façade panels designed to resemble other materials such as timber and metal. Our wood-look ranges feature all the colour variegation and striation associated with natural timber, and many also have a tactile woodgrain surface texture. Unlike their natural wood and metallic counterparts, these innovative ceramic granite panels will retain their appearance for decades, need no protective coatings or special maintenance, and will never fade, rust, rot or degrade.

Below are digital colour swatches which help to visualise the range of colours and effects.

*Please note: This tool is only intended to give the user an appreciation of the sheer range of effects that can be achieved with different styles and colourways of ceramic granite. Specifiers requiring details of the current range of products in the Shackerley ceramic granite collection, please download our brochures or request actual samples.

View our SureClad® ceramic granite façade brochure