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An ideal cladding material

Range of benefits

Shackerley’s ceramic granite is an exceptionally robust form of architectural porcelain (marketed as Porcelain Stone® in the USA), and is one of the most attractive, versatile, long lasting and sustainable external cladding materials available to the specifer.

Natural beauty

Made entirely from natural constituents ceramic granite and can be fashioned to deliver a highly contemporary appearance or to reproduce all the natural beauty and variation of hewn stone such as granite or marble.

Myriad of colourways, styles and finishes

We are able to source ceramic granite in an unrivalled range of styles, colourways and finishes, providing the creative specifier with an almost infinite array of aesthetic design options.

Size and format

The wide range of standard panel sizes and formats in our portfolio provides the specifier with even further flexibility in porcelain façade design, and as we offer our own specialist cutting service, other formats can be precision cut to size as required.

Long-lasting appearance

Every ceramic granite panel is unique whilst offering complete tonal integrity and consistency of design. Appearances are more than skin deep. With through-body colouration, patterns and graining, the aesthetics of a ceramic granite façade will not change over time as the material is resistant to the effects of light and UV radiation and completely impermeable.


Fully vitrified and with virtually zero porosity (as defined by BS EN14411), ceramic granite is unaffected by climatic extremes and conforms to all international standards for water absorption and freeze/thaw resistance. Façade panels do not absorb airborne contamination or dust, nor will they promote algae growth. They are also impervious to acids and alkalis, even when concentrated (excluding hydrofluoric acid and derivatives).


Exceptionally hard, durable and strong, and completely free from fissures and flaws which weaken quarried stone in its original state, this innovative material offers a proven, engineered façade solution with known performance. Slabs of just 12mm thick offer outstanding building protection.


The relative light weight of our ceramic granite façade panels compares very favourably with naturally quarried stone slabs, significantly reducing loadings on the substructure and building exterior. Other benefits include easier on-site handling and installation (no mechanical placement equipment is needed), resulting in a faster, less costly operation.

Resistance to fire

Shackerley’s SureClad® ceramic granite ventilated façade system is suitable for all high rise multi storey buildings applications.

The ceramic granite used in the manufacture of our façade panels is certified fire resistant to Class A1 when tested to BS EN13501-1. (On panels fitted with safety mesh backing, the meshed panel complies with EN13501-1 A2-s1-d0).

Many of Shackerley’s ceramic granite façades also have the option of an A1 rated mesh backing system which has been independently certified compliant with class A1 to BS EN 13501-1.


Read more about the environmental credentials of our SureClad® ceramic granite systems. Specifiers registered with the website can visit the the Specifier Resources area to see how the use of Shackerley's ceramic granite ventilated façades has contributed towards the achievement of ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent’ BREEAM ratings on prestigious new build projects around the country.