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Step 1 - Cutting

Façade panels are precision cut to any required size and shape, in formats up to 3200mm long by 1600mm wide. All cutting and calibration is carried out using Shackerley’s heavy duty, computer controlled, multi-directional bridge saws, twin blade saws and special purpose cutting equipment.

Step 2 - Finishing

Panels can be given polished or profiled edges if required using Shackerley’s in-house finishing equipment. Mitred edges are commonly required where specially bracketed corner units, soffits and reveals are being prefabricated.

Step 3 - Precision drilling

Up to six undercut recesses can be cut simultaneously into the rear of each slab to a precise depth using Shackerley’s computer controlled heavy duty diamond tipped drilling machines. (with each drill head controlled individually) using this specialist machinery.

Step 4 - Straps and brackets

Preformed straps or brackets are mounted to the rear of each façade panel, depending on the type of SureClad® system specified.

Step 5 - One-piece unit

The SureClad® Access and Hang On systems allow for soffits, reveals and corner details to be supplied as one-piece units ready for installation. These are prefabricated using sturdy brackets which are secured using undercut anchors.

Step 6 - Quality control

Strict process controls are followed throughout Shackerley’s ISO9001 production facility. A specially designed bar-coding system is used to ensure all orders are tracked meticulously as they progress through each prefabrication stage.

Step 7 - Preparation for delivery

Finished goods are carefully palletised to minimise the opportunity for damage in transit and to ensure contractors can continue to move deliveries around on site if necessary.